Kompi Flexible v8 None-AMP Premium Blogger Template

Kompi Flexible is suitable for personal blogs, supports Youtube video posts and will automatically have video thumbnails on the homepage. Search box uses Google Custom Search with Overlay to layout search results with easy settings. Supports table tags, pre, code in posts. I’ve tried it on 3 browsers, Chrome, Firefox, IE and the template works perfectly.

Blogger Templates can also be downloaded from our sister site template.vuinsider.com too.

Interface Features:

Tính năngTest
LayoutVersion 3
WidgetVersion 2
Mobile FriendlyTrue
SEO FriendlyTrue
Personal BlogTrue
2 ColumnTrue
Fast LoadingTrue
Ads OptimizingTrue
Related PostsTrue
Schema MarkupTrue
Font AwesomeTrue
Sticky WidgetTrue
Auto readmoreTrue

Author: Kompi
How to intall : xem tại đây

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